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We offer residential property management services for Austin including: managing single-family homes, condos, town-homes, multi-unit properties and apartment buildings. Additionally, Stone Oak was founded by landlords for landlords. We pride ourselves in offering the service that we'd expect from an Austin property management company if we were hiring one.

As Brokers and property owners, we have a comprehensive understanding of the economic forces at work in the local real estate market. We are able to evaluate a rental property in terms of operating income, forecast its potential for the future and construct a management plan that reflects your objectives. We are actively engaged in the current market as a property management company, as well as owners of investment property. With over a decade of assisting investors in the purchase of real estate we are able to effectively evaluate new acquisitions and broker new assets as well.

Our priority is providing a satisfactory experience for both owners and tenants. Our success is based on experience, dedication and focus by our staff without ever compromising the quality or responsiveness of our customer service.

Meet our Property Management Company

Mike Oellrich, Realtor® » Director of Business Development

Mike Oellrich is the Director of Business Development for Stone Oak. He is your first point of contact for all things Property Management. He handles the on-boarding of all new accounts and helps guide our landlords through the process of getting started with Stone Oak’s property management service. He wants to work with you and help make your experience as smooth and predictable as possible.

Mike is a Florida State University graduate who is the Quarterback for multiple flag football teams across Austin. He is married to his high school sweetheart, Karla and has a one-year old son who will not stop running around the house and is admittedly already faster than him. He loves helping people and is always on the lookout for the best new song. His son doesn't sleep so feel free to call, text or e-mail him at anytime.

Interested in management services for your Austin rental property? Don’t hesitate to contact Mike directly via 512.617.6766 ext 3 to discuss your property(s) and how Stone Oak can be of service. He'd be happy to put together a market analysis packet for your property(s). Fill out the market analysis form to get yours!

Office: 512.617.6766 ext 3

Claudia Sparkman, Realtor® » Sales and Leasing

Claudia has been with Stone Oak since the beginning and serves as a Sales & Leasing specialist. She has been a licensed Realtor for over twenty-two years and has been working exclusively for Stone Oak since. In 2018, Stone Oak leased our properties 25% faster than all other lease listings on the MLS for lease and Claudia is a big reason why. She’s an expert in all things Austin property management and has been active in the market for the last 22 years.

You can contact her directly at 512.617-6766 ext 9

Laura Karr, Realtor® » Sales and Leasing

Laura moved to Austin from Louisville, Kentucky in 2016 and began her real estate career. She has been involved in Real Estate for the past 4 years and a licensed agent for the past 2. She specializes in leasing our properties and finding the perfect tenants. Laura enjoys going to the gym, traveling, and planning her upcoming wedding.

You can contact her directly at 512.617.6766 ext 7

Manu Saini » Broker and Managing Partner

Manu partnered with Jason in Stone Oak shortly after its creation. They are partners in many projects and have enjoyed working together for the past decade. Manu has been a licensed Broker in Texas since 2015. Manu helps to foster the company’s vision of having unparalleled customer service. He is the acting managing partner for the firm and handles day to day operations and oversight of the company.

Manu is an entrepreneur with many talents. He loves investing and talking about investment opportunities. He enjoys dark chocolates, travel and fine foods. He regularly gives to charitable organizations and prides himself on being eco-friendly in his personal life as well as his businesses.

You can contact him directly at 512.617-6766 ext 8

Jason Huval, MBA » Broker and Partner

Jason Huval is the founder of the firm and our Broker. His role is mostly executive in the company but is available to all landlords at any time. Jason started the company with a vision of having the best customer service in the property management industry. This has helped the company achieve a large and loyal customer base.

Jason is married to his high school sweetheart and has two sons. He has been a real estate Broker since 2008. He loves to cook and is an authentic Cajun. His passion for Cajun food and culture is second to none.

Cell: 512.921.7537.

Office: 512.617.6766 ext 10.

Grant Williams» Director of Marketing

Grant serves as the Director of Marketing for Stone Oak. As a member of our team since 2016, Grant is well-versed in our company’s dealings and should be considered a helpful resource for our clients to contact in the event they ever need anything. Please don’t hesitate to contact Grant directly if he can be of service – 512.553.2866

A transplant from Illinois, Grant enjoys trying new culinary dishes around Greater Austin and is a big fan of the much warmer weather Austin has to offer. He has learned that Texas actually does have the best BBQ in the country.

Kaushon Sharp » Assistant Property Manager

Kaushon is an assistant property manager with Stone Oak. With a strong background in managing properties across Texas and handling maintenance, Kaushon is key member of our team and will be hands on with your property from the moment you sign up.

In her free time Kaushon enjoys angling, woodworking, and exploring the outdoors with friends and family. Get in touch with Kaushon by sending her an email below.

You can contact her directly at 512.617.6766 ext 24

Ingrid Coe » Director of Maintenance

Ingrid is Stone Oak’s newest addition and is our Maintenance Director. With over a decade’s worth of experience in property management, she oversees the day-to-day implementation of maintenance procedures and ensures any work on your property is handled with tact and care.

Married to her best friend for the last 12 years, she regularly enjoys hobbies such as cooking, travelling & scuba diving when the opportunity arises. Ingrid has a firm grasp on the various operations of our firm and can serve as resource to those needing assistance with anything. You can contact Ingrid by sending her an email below.

You can contact her directly at 512.617.6766 ext 6

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